Resident Feedback on Council’s Corporate Strategy

During the Summer of 2019 many numerous took the time to share their views with Borough Councillors on the Council’s Corporate Strategy. It was heartening to see just how passionate residents are about local, council services with many residents sharing similar views about each of the Council’s Corporate themes.  See below for a summary of feedback.



Over 60 respondents highlighted affordable homes as being important. 10 cited homelessness prevention as key. Other comments made were with regard to the high cost and poor build quality of new homes, the need to build environmentally sound homes and that too many homes were being built in some areas, especially Tavistock.



Over 30 respondents highlighted car parking as a key issue some calling for free car parking, others for park and rides and more enforcement on congested streets. Approximately 40 respondents cited public conveniences/toilets as a key issue some suggesting the introduction of charges for their use and others stating they must not be closed. Over 20 responses stated the need for grant funding to support community initiatives some citing specific need for support for use of green spaces and tackling social isolation for young and old.



Over 30 respondents made reference to business rates and rents and the need for them to be affordable. Over 20 respondents stated the need for business support and advice.



Over 50 respondents wanted the ability to recycle more. Many cited charges at recycling centres being the cause of fly tipping. Approximately 20 respondents cited trees protection of importance and the need for more tree planting. 10 or more commented on the need to keep the area clean. Approximately 20 respondents made reference to the need for good planning policy and enforcement.



Nearly 20 respondents stated importance of access to affordable and well maintained leisure centres. Over 10 references stated the need to support mental health. More than 15 respondents cited the need to support groups, clubs and activities. Efficient and Effective Council Nearly 20 respondents stated the need to deliver value for money, over 10 responses cited customer service as important and half of these stated communication was crucial.

Desired Outcome
In response to this feedback Councillors have agreed the following set of desired outcomes under each theme that it would like to deliver throughout the term of this Council i.e. up until May 2023:



- Enable the delivery of at least 150 affordable homes



- Actively support communities to develop and introduce their neighbourhood plans

- Fund grass roots initiatives that unite communities



- Increase the percentage of waste that we recycle

- Meet our climate change pledge and help to reduce carbon emissions

- Work with partners to encourage high quality, environmentally sound new homes



- Provide professional and impartial business advice

- Lobby strategic partners to provide affordable premises, improve broadband, develop road and rail links



- Working with the NHS and local charities to enhance access to health and wellbeing services

- Provide affordable and well maintained leisure centres offering a range of activities for all Efficient and Effective Council

- Ensure value for money without compromising customer service

- Improve our customer satisfaction ratings


Next Steps

We will be drawing up action plans to underpin each of these desired outcomes over the coming months and will be reporting on our progress in or Annual Report which is due to be published in May 2020.

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